Villa N°174

The ambition of Villa N°174 is to combine luxury accommodations with artistic innovation: this nonconformist place has just opened on top of the Santa Teresa hill, a bohemian and culturally vibrant neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. With regard to accommodation, this establishment takes over an old mansion situated in the heart of a tropical garden; it offers four suites with unclassifiable aesthetics, fruit of the unbridled imagination of the property’s host, the parrot Nino da Costa.


Why book with us

  • Unique view of Rio de Janeiro
  • Calm & beauty of nature
  • VIP service guide
  • Chauffer 24 hours anywhere in the city
  • Guide with extensive knowledge of
    the city and its cultural history

Special booking

  • Book entire Villa N°174
  • Weddings
  • Private parties
  • Shootings
  • Pool parties

Contact Us

T: +352 6 6118 1548


R. Dr. Júlio Otoní, 174

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

RJ, Brésil

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