The Suite life in Rio

Villa N°174 enthusiastically subscribes to that thoroughly modern notion of bohemian luxury.  Indeed all the furniture in the villa was found in vintage markets, before being restored by local artisans using the finest Italian fabrics. 


The villa is a microcosm of modern Rio; with its eclectic styling, Eastern European paintings, colonial features and planned exterior graffiti wall, it reflects the multi-faceted and increasingly international nature of this great city.


Its home, the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, has been compared to Paris'sMontmartre and London's Shoreditch, being a refuge for musicians, poets and those residing on the more sensitive side of life. 

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T: +352 6 6118 1548


R. Dr. Júlio Otoní, 174

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

RJ, Brésil

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