Villa N°174 - Rio de Janeiro

The ambition of Villa N°174 is to combine luxury accommodations with artistic innovation: this nonconformist place has just opened on top of the Santa Teresa hill, a bohemian and culturally vibrant neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. With regard to accommodation, this establishment takes over an old mansion situated in the heart of a tropical garden; it offers four suites with unclassifiable aesthetics, fruit of the unbridled imagination of the property’s host, the parrot Nino da Costa.


A pillar in the center of the “Pool Suite”, one of the four suites, is enveloped in plant motifs that cross and overflow. This suite has an entrance to the pool. Art Deco, colonial, and 60s-era themes coat the three other suites facing panoramic views over Guanabara Bay and the Sugarloaf: the old and modern harmonize in mixing brilliant bursts of color with antique armchairs purchased from antique shops and reupholstered with the finest Italian fabric.


On the walls, striking contemporary paintings custom-made by Bosnian painter Radmila Djapic Jovandic are a common thread in this hotel. Every painting throughout the hotel are representations of the encounters and impulses of the owner, Nino da Costa. In time an exterior wall of the hotel will be covered by the inspiration of graffiti artists, while the elegant main room will be come an exhibition space for works of artists, sculptures and other artistic disciplines.


Villa N°174 goal is to become a lively and dynamic place, conducive to cultural exchanges; whose primary witness Nino da Costa, the lively parrot of the residence, will narrate and account the hotels evolution. This pet, with his very “fashionable” tastes through his blog and Instagram account depicts not only the evolution and happenings of the hotel, but the artistic innovations of Rio and feather alerts on the latest gossip stirring the top of the top in international fashion


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T: +352 6 6118 1548


R. Dr. Júlio Otoní, 174

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

RJ, Brésil

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