Cortili Aperti

Cortili Aperti

Cortili Aperti refers to open courtyards of buildings made by architects. Here the artisans display their different works to the public, which usually opens from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm. The event takes place in Milan, the city of Italy. The Cortili Aperti event is here to show the creativity of artisans as portrayed by their works.

The exhibitions include the following mansions:

  1. House Sioli – Legnani | via Borgonuovo 5
  2. Palazzo Orsini in Rome | Via Borgonuovo 11
  3. House Recalcati – Taglisacchi | via Borgonuovo 15
  4. House Bigli Samoyloff Besozzi | via Borgonuovo 20
  5. Palace Moriggia | via Borgonuovo 23
  6. Casa Valerio | via Borgonuovo 24
  7. Palace Landriani | via Borgonuovo 25
  8. Palazzo di Brera | Via Brera 28
  9. Orto Botanico di Brera | Via Fiori Dark 4
  10. House Ajroldi | Via Fiori Dark 13

The Lombardy Youth Group volunteers to control this event. There is also a guided tour at charges of € 10,00 per individual. Also, there is an exhibition of old cars, motorcycles, and sidecars. There are also other initiatives that come together with this event. The artisans will get an opportunity to showcase their works. There are free materials that provide information for learning.

For guided tours around, check on them through their websites.

Cortili Aperti takes place in the late month of May over different locations in Milan. Per each location, there are different venues to showcase this courtyard to the general public for a single day, especially on Sunday.

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