La Scala Opening Night

La Scala Opening Night

The La Scala Opera house is one of the most famous places for the performance arts in the world and its opening night is one of the most important events in Milan throughout the year. Its impressive position in the universe of opera is documented and celebrated in remarkable photographs that record the excitement of every opening night from the year 1945. This sequence of breathtaking images takes the glamour and the excitement of the opening night.

The key community event in the La Scala takes place each December in honour of St. Ambrose, which is the city’s supporter saint. This makes one special event in Milan. These troves of images depict events on the major stage and behind the acts, capturing in its entirety their glory an impressive pantheon of universal opera stars and the music world’s greatest performers. This is the must-a have book for all opera lovers.

The La Scala Opening Night were established on 3rd August the year 1778. The extravagantly ornamented theatre was the distinguished meeting position for the La Scala’s wealthiest inhabitants, whose desire for opera was harmonized by their affection of flamboyance. It was reconditioned in the year 1907, and once more from 2002 to the year 2004, the moment the quality of the sound was substantially heightened.

La Scala makes no odder to polemic. It is in the opera house somewhere the functions of Giuseppe Verdi were established. However, the composer terminated the special association when he blamed the La Scala ensemble for debasing his music. Ultimately, the two groups were acquiescent, and both Falstaff and Otello were consequently premiered there.

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